Tampa driveway paver sealing

Tampa driveway paver sealing
Sealing enhances and protects the pavers and makes the colors pop out

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gulfport, Fl driveway paver sealing

Here is another paver driveway that we just finished sealing. I run into these all the time, where the installers just slop some sealer on, then the next guy adds some more until there are so many coats that the pavers are a mess. the sealer we use penetrates the pavers, and additional coats will build but not get to the point of heavy gloss, which can end up trapping moisture and turning the pavers milky. Call Pro Pressure Clean and Seal for a professional sealing job every time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Soft Wash" chemical roof cleaning for tile and shingle roofs

Pro Pressure Clean and Seal uses a special chemical mixture that removes the mildew and fungus on your roof and kills the spoors that it grows from. It is safe on your roof and unlike most Tampa Bay area roof cleaners, we always have a ground man to keep all landscape watered and secure from damage.
We also carry workers compensation coverage. Did you know that even if a contractor has an "exemption" from workers comp coverage, you are still liable for injuries if he is hurt? Unfortunately a lot of pressure cleaning and roof cleaning companies show the exemption and want you to believe you are covered if anything happens. All the exemption does is put you and your insurance company at risk. Workers comp coverage means that an injured contractor has to file claims through his own coverage as required by Florida law. All statutary limits must me met before he can file a claim against the homeowner. Make sure your roof cleaning contractor has this coverage and call his agent to verify the certificate.
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