Tampa driveway paver sealing

Tampa driveway paver sealing
Sealing enhances and protects the pavers and makes the colors pop out

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tile roof cleaning saint petersburg

Pro Pressure Clean and Seal also cleans roofs. We use a "soft wash" chemical cleaning to safely clean tile and shingle roofs in Pinellas county. You can see the difference immediately.
Did you know that every time your roof is Pressure Washed, your roof looses granules. Those granules reflect the sun and make the asphalt shingle last longer. Tile roofs are not immune from damage from Pressure Cleaning. The heavy hoses on the roof, the high pressure water and the back and forth walking combine to wear the tiles and make them easier to crack, causing the underlayment to be exposed to the elements and shortening the life of the roof.
Our "soft wash" cleaning kills the mildew safely, and even keeps your roof longer by killing the spores the mildew grows from, unlike high pressure washing that just removes the visible part of the growth.
These pictures are a three story house in Pasadena Yacht Club, in Saint Petersburg. Most companies won't get up on these, but you can call Pro Pressure Clean and Seal for even the hardest jobs. See more of our work at http://www.roofsanddecks.com/roofcleaning.html