Tampa driveway paver sealing

Tampa driveway paver sealing
Sealing enhances and protects the pavers and makes the colors pop out

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

High gloss sealers vs penetrating 'wet look' sealers

I get called a lot here at Pro Pressure Clean and Seal to remove white blush from interlocking brick pavers. What causes the white blush or white spots on pavers so commonly seen on pavers in Florida?
More often than not it is from over application of solvent based acrylic paver sealers.  We have high water tables here in Florida and we get a lot of rain.  No matter what kind of coating you have on your pavers, water will get underneath.  That moisture needs to be released from the pavers and with the high gloss acrylics it cant.  It is trapped.  Consequently it causes the white blushing on the sealer.  Not only that but it can be very slippery and a liability hazard especially around a pool. Unfortunately there is no easy fix.  Some companies will try to use another solvent to allow the sealer to release the moisture but it is usually a temporary fix.
What we do is strip off the sealer completely, using special methods we have developed and re-seal with a sealer that will give a wet look without the gloss that causes so many problems.  Seal N Lock is a specially formulated sealer that gives the 'wet look' that is so desirable on pavers with out the glossy coating. It is designed to go on wet pavers, unlike solvent based sealers that must have complete dryness (very unlikely to get that with out 4-5 days of dry, warm weather.) It gives a nice shine and also stabilizes the sand.

If you have new pavers or the old sealer is wearing off and it is time to seal again, call us for a consultation on what we can do for you.  Get your pavers sealed correctly so you can avoid an expensive fix later on.  OK?