Tampa driveway paver sealing

Tampa driveway paver sealing
Sealing enhances and protects the pavers and makes the colors pop out

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tampa area paver sealing company

It's Spring! Yea!  But there is pollen everywhere. Time to do some spring cleaning.  

Does your oaver pool deck or driveway need attention?  Did you know your brick and stone pavers require periodic maintenance to protect from sun exposure, dirt, traffic and everyday stains like tannin (from leaves), grease and oil dripps.  Pro Pressure Clean and Seal specializes in the sealing of pool deck, patio and driveway pavers.  We only use an environmentally friendly sealer that will not only protect and enhance the lhttp://www.roofsanddecks.com/images/pd6.jpgook of your pavers but protect them for as long as the harsh solvent chemical sealers that others use. 
Our sealer has an added benefit of stabilizing the sand in the joints or "locking it" to an almost grout like consistency.  This will eliminate most weed growth and ant hills prevent the mildew and algae growth in the joints, and prevent the dirt from the surface from washing in and filling the joints.  

Visit our site at www.roofsanddecks.com for more information or call us at 727-432-2501 for a free estimate.  

Every paver deck and driveway need to be sealed every 2-4 years.  Why call anyone else when you can have it done right the first time with a green sealer that lasts.